Wild runners! Completing 57km “Fight with the wild” can
earn 2 points for the UTMB 2016!

Wild Runners, Are You In?

We love running on the streets. We run into alleys and embrace the pulse of the city. This passion gave birth to “HONG KONG STREETATHON@ kowloon east” and Carnival, attended by runners in tens of thousands.

We love to run the hills too. We love the unpredictable nature. To trail runners, every time we set foot on a muddy trail, we are setting a challenge for ourselves. Be it rain or sun, up or down, we have to overcome each and every obstacle before we can finish the race. This passion to challenge ourselves and embrace the unknown is the totem we share.

CONVOY TOTEM RUN 2015 will be held on 17 October. RunOurCity will be holding a big, colourful party with all Wild Runners of every tribe. With our sweat and determination, we are going to support Youth・ROC for their life-changing, long-distance running training, and Hong Kong Unison for their efforts to achieve racial inclusion and equal rights to education.

The race consists of three courses: 16km TASTE WITH THE WILD, 16km CHILL WITH THE WILD and 57km FIGHT WITH THE WILD. Along the way you will receive totem gifts and guerilla support. A Totem Party awaits at the Finish where Wild Runners can celebrate with music and tasty food.

The registration deadline is 5 August 2015.

Totem Run highlights

>>Special refreshments at Tribe Support Stations

Apart from the usual energy drinks and water, we have prepared for Wild Runners ice-cold drinks, an array of fresh fruits, mountains of crispy potato chips, yummy cup noodles…

>>Guerilla cheering spots

Performers of any kind are invited to pop up any time in the race course (surprise!) and cheer for our Wild Runners.

>>Totem Party

After the race, all Wild Runners are welcome to join the Totem Party. Enjoy the sumptuous refreshments as you celebrate the crowd.

Get ready for the challenge! Follow our Totem Tribe –


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